Hair extensions are mainly clipped with some additional hair which can be virgin hair or synthetic hair. These extensions are used to make our hair longer or to make thicker by adding them. The persons who don’t want to use chemicals or color their hair, they can use these colored hair extensions to look different. Hair extensions come in a form of bundle or pack hair. The persons who are doing clip-in or sew-in for the first time they should know how the bundle or pack hair are useful and of which quality of virgin hairs they should use.

Bundle hair

When the hairs are collected in the normal form i.e. with hair cuticles and the strands of the hair flows in the same direction called bundle hair. Bundle hairs are chemical free and unprocessed hair. When a person want to use the hairs for a longer period of time it is the best to use bundle hair. They are ordered by the customers’ directly through sellers and they are rich in quality. Some advantages and disadvantages of bundle hair are as follows:-

  1. Bundle hair can be regularly shampooed, blow dry, colored in the way we like. As these are unprocessed so we can take care of them in the way we take care of our hair.
  2. Bundle hair can be used for a longer period of time.
  3. Bundle hair doesn’t tangle and shed for long time and it can be used again.
  4. Bundle hair is expensive as compared with pack hair.

Pack hair

Pack hairs are the hairs which are collected from the saloons, combs of the persons, streets. After collecting they are processed through chemicals, nylon threads.  Persons who are using for the first it is best to buy pack hairs as these are less expensive. It is best to use for short period of time. Some advantages and disadvantages of pack hair are as follows:-

  1. Pack hairs are best for the short time. The persons who want to change their look for some time interval they can use pack hair.
  2. Pack hairs are less expensive and best for them who are using these hairs for the first time as they don’t want to spend so many amounts.
  3. Pack hairs get tangle easily and can’t be removed properly.
  4. Pack hair can’t be colored, blow dry as they are already chemically processed.
  5. Pack hair will lose their shiny look after few washes and will get fragile.

Here, we can use both bundle and pack hair. If we order bundle hair that doesn’t mean they are of good quality, we should always check the company from which we order bundle hair. Pack hair are best to use for some time as they are chemically processed and can’t stay for long interval.