Want to maintain you hair but the hair treatment will be too expensive to be affordable ?but still want to prevent your hair extension from breaking ,shedding and tangling .Cause the way we arrange the hairstyles will be harmful to the hair extension and for the hair extension is not like natural hair it cannot absorb nutrition from the root of our scalp, so it tends to get fragile and lose its shinning look .so we do need to take good care of it .Only in this way you can be more beautiful in every way you want.

To know how to stop hair from losing its natural look and keep it healthy and strong is like finding a soul mate for the entire life ,but it does have some ways to have the hair last for longer and you can style it as you wish and the result comes out nice .so here is the three simple steps on how to prevent your hair extensions from damage and shedding


1.Daily Care


Stop doing the wrong hair care procedure to your hair wigs ,bundles or weave,using the right type and good quality shampoo is very important to keep your hair healthy and smooth.conditioner is vital to the hair ,a good hair conditioner will be play an important role in protecting the hair from being fragile and losing its shining look and to leave the conditioner for a bit longer of time so the hair will be fully moistened But one thing is really important that one should not wash the hair too often,as long as the hair is not tricky and hard to manage.Always brush from the bottom up to avoid tangling and breakage and other daily care.


2.Extra Care


Human hair extensions are just like baby hair that needs to be taken good care of .Keratin is one of the natural protein discovered in the hair ,in this way a Keratin treatment should be given when you go to a salon so as to restore the Keratin from the hair treatment .when you go to salon you should keep in mind that not to style you hair when they recommend some combo hair treatment to you ,you should be well aware of the harm that the heat can dry out your hair and even worse the permanent damage to the hair .so for those who want to use the hair extension for a long time one should minimize any hair styling on your hair extensions .


3.Say no to poor hair dyeing


We do like the hair fashion trends and we do want to try different hair color but one thing you need to know is that when you use a poor quality dyeing material it will do bad effect to your hair ,it might have your hair losing its natural shining look and what is the worst situation can happen is that your hair will be totally ruin for good .


Hair care tips for natural hair


To be honest ,learning how to stop hair shedding and keep fuller, healthier hair can sometimes be as simple as adjusting your diet, using a moisturizing conditioner, and find some relaxing quick fixes for hair loss due to stress.


In conclusion hair is a part of who you are ,when the hair is looking good and it can achieve your outer beauty and inner peace .