Brazilian Hair Extensions

 What is considered to be the most popular hair type is the Brazilian hair extension ,because the hair is excellent in both quality and quality which also has a good price for it .


Specifications you should know about Brazilian hair

1.Single drawn but still not thin at the ends

2.Standard bundle is 100 gram

3.Hair is “Remy” with cuticles facing the same direction

4.Brazilian Hair can be colored up to a #613 Russian Blonde

5.Brazilian hair is 100% Human Hair

6.Double strong Wefts

 Interested in taking a look at the Brazilian hair we sells ? Our hair is normally considered be 8A but we think that by comparing with other hair companies our hair Brazilian hair extensions are higher than 8A

Brazilian Three bundles with closure

Brazilian straight hair in three bundles with 360 lace frontal


Malaysian Hair Extensions

As for the Malaysian hair ,we can only give it a thumb up for it has nice quality and affordable cause it has the construction of matching frontal and closure which are very inexpensive . 

The most popular Malaysian straight hair and body wave are among the best received by customer globally which can endure for such a long time and if you are looking for some economical options the Malaysian hair extensions will be a good choice for you .

The natural 1b color blends very well and can be styled very easily.


Specifications you should know about Malaysian hair

1.Single drawn but still not thin at the tips

2.Double strong Wefts

3.Standard bundles is 100 gram

4.Malaysian Hair can be colored up to a #27 honey blonde

5.The hair is 100% Human Hair

6.Hair is “Remy” with cuticles facing the same direction


If you are already having the Malaysian and are considering buying it once again you can see the links down below which are the best sellers on the website ,we are calling our Malaysian hair 7A.

Malaysian body wave in three bundles with lace closure

Malaysian straight remy hair in four bundles


Indian Hair Extensions

In the past years ,Indian hair extensions have become more and more popular for it is less abundant in the raw material which were donated by the women in the temple so the price is more higher than the other hair extensions

Our Indian hair is 100% with no mixing of processed hair. You may find “cheap” Indian hair, but it will not match the quality of the bundles we provide our clients. It has been our goal to offer the best possible raw Indian hair that is available from India.

 Specifications you should know about Indian hair

1.The hair is 100% Human Hair

2.Double strong Wefts

3.Hair is “Remy” with cuticles facing the same direction can dyed into Russian blonde

5.Full and bouncy bundles

6..Standard bundles is 100 gram 

Indian hair is mostly loved by the customers for its wavy and curly textures ,if you are the one who loves the real and unprocessed human hair Indian hair would be your best choice 

Four bundles of Indian Body wave

Four bundles of Indian straight hair

Hope you enjoy this passage .