You will slay any hair if you are dare to try different colors which means it is all about the color when you want to try something new and different but to some they will not really like the natural color of the hair so the point is try different colors . If you are creative enough to try different color and this article will be a good choice for you to challenge the old fashion color and natural color together with  .today we are going to teach you on how to dye you hair into sky blue in a detailed procedures which can also be applied to any types of colors that you like

As we know blonde hair is the 613 hair which looks beautiful and amazing and if you want to add some colors on the hair and 613 hair is the best option for it can take the color quick and easy and you dont really need to bleach the hair which will do great harm to the hair like making your hair dry or even shedding .so if you want good result after dying the hair and 613 hair is considered a better choice .


Material needed

1:Blonde hair (a frontal and three bundles of blonde hair)

2:Dying material (sky blue )

3:Disposal gloves

4:Spray bottle

5:Hair band and clips


Step one

Wash and condition your hair first and let it air-dry for 3 days then you can make preparations for the wig making process .you can either make it into a wig or to dye the hair bundles and frontal directly as long as you are doing it nice and satisfactory .


Step two

First of all you need to make the hair strand wet every time before applying the color which will make the color be more apparent and stays longer .Then you can use your hands or comb to make sure the hair got even coloring material on and in this way the result will not come out so badly like some look darker or some lighter.Next you will do the same step with all the hair strands and let them sit for about 45 mins which will be enough time for the color to sit on the hair and then you will wash the hair with shampoo twice or three times and after the hair is clean, condition it again so the hair will look more shining and be tangle free. Last of all, let the hair air dry or blow dry when it is dry you need to put some oil to the ends so the ends will be healthier and less dry .


Step three

After all these are done and i think you are having a wig in the color of your dreams which leads to the next step and you will get ready for the installation and you can neither glue it down or wear it without glue .


Inclusionyou are beautiful in every way if you are dare to try something different and something new.