Our Story

Your hair is a part of who you are. When it looks great, it can define your look and give you the confidence you need to know how beautiful you truly are. Youwin hair believes that through your hair, you can have outer beauty and inner peace.

Kristin Houston has always been a devotee of the latest fashion trends and newest styles of clothes and hair styles as well .As a Chocolate skin woman ,she has always wanted to have hair like Asian or American women like dark black or blond .So she keeps looking and finding suitable hair extensions for herself which she can reuse,dye ,flat iron or any hair fashion trends that can follow.

Cause her original hair is curly and thin ,she cannot make any style as she wants and normally it will be much easier for Chocolate skin women to buy hair extensions which can be styled as they wish,however the main points are that the hair extensions in market are neither Synthetic hair that cannot do anything with or some poorly made virgin hair that are super thin with unhealthy looking or some with good quality but will cost a large fortune.

At the very first beginning, Kristin Houston and her friends would purchase the hair extensions in their domestic market.They found some nice looking hair and bought them happily but after a few days when she wanted to try a different hair style and flat iron them ,however the result didn't turn out as what she wanted and the hair was totally destroyed .what is even worse, when her friends dyed the hair and washed it with water the shiny look disappeared and the hair was shedding and tangling ,they were so down.

A young and persistent dark skin woman will never stop finding her way to be beautiful and attractive ,she never quit and keeps looking for good quality hair extensions and later she found that most of the female have the same problems like her and her friends and there is a huge market share for unprocessed human hair extensions that they can seize .In order to provide good quality hair with affordable price for chocolate skin female like herself that deserves every chance to be beautiful and happy, so they decided to set up a hair company themselves and named it Youwin hair, a brand delivers the faith that one should always be beautiful,happy and confident.

Youwin hair is made with 100% human hair collected from young and pretty girls from countries like China, Peru,Brazil and so on which means all of our hair is 100% chemical free and none chemical processed. With proper care and maintenance,you can do anything with it ,flat iron it ,dye it and the result will be perfect! Cause it is 100% human hair so the cuticle stay in tack and in one direction and made by hand , shedding and tangling will be greatly avoided in this way.

Youwin will definitely make you as beautiful ,happy and confident as possible and we are sure you will love our hair.


Youwin Hair are real virgin human hair extensions,virgin hair is considered to be the highest grade of human hair extensions because the cuticles are kept intact and in the same direction, which prevents tangling and substantially prolongs product lifespan and machine-made weft prevents shedding. Here we show what we do and what we can provide!

Product applications

Our goods are just so practical that you can wear them in so many occasions.

BIG DAYS like wedding, graduation, 18th birthday.

Special occasions: party, show, Banquet

Daily life: hang out with friends, shopping, eating out

Work&business: help you to be impressive in front of everyone for every time

Our customers love us

As we are supplying the good quality hair extensions and we help and achieve the perfect outer look for our customers, we believe that every woman deserves the chance to be a beauty with happiness and confidence. here are some pictures when our customers are using our hair extensions.

OMG i think all the hair is the same before i bought youwin hair, it is the best hair i ve ever had and now i wear it everyday.

After putting on youwin hair and i just got so many compliments from my family and friends, i now feel so happy.

As a beginner of hair extension, i m so lucky to have youwin hair which made me feel so comfortable and will definitely introduce it to my friends.

Our factories and warehouse

Why youwin hair?

“Customers first ,Quality is the soul of the enterprise ”has always been a belief of youwin and we are committed to providing the best quality human hair extensions to our customers.Youwin will help you achieve your outer beauty and inner peace.